Rockefeller center, New York City

The Rockefeller center, or what is commonly referred to as “The Rock” is a small hub of restaurants, offices, shops and green space. The actual building is a attraction itself, by going to the top (70th floor) and having similar views to the Empire State Building. But if heights aren’t your thing, there are two distinct sculptures outside, the 2-ton bronze Atlas and Prometheus, which are both nice to look at!








Opposite the Rockefeller center is the NBC Studios. Not that I really watch the channel, as it isn’t shown in the UK, but it hosts many top US programmes such as Saturday Night Live. For really TV fans, there are tours inside the studios to visit the TV sets.



Whilst I was there they were filming so morning broadcast, which I hung around to watch for a bit!


Just round the corner is the 1930’s designed Radio City Music Hall. Whilst I was there America’s got talent was being filmed.


Within all this modern buildings and attractions of 5th Avenue, there is one of the most important Catholic churches in America, St Patrick’s Cathedral. It was having major renovation done when I was visiting, but it didn’t stop people from looking around at the stunning stain glass windows.





When I was just about to leave this area and head back to the hotel I walked past Magnolia Bakery. Anyone that is a fan of “Sex in the City” will know what I am talking about. Not that I needed another cake, but “when in Rome”! I had a try of the red velvet cupcake, which I must say the butter cream frosting would have been perfect on itself!


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