New York deli’s

A main road running across mid-Manhattan is called East/West Houston. It use to be home to Jewish immigrants, and nowadays it still holds a few amazing delis; Russ & Daughters and Katz Deli.

I knew about Katz deli before arriving in the city. It is famous for its pastrami sandwiches- and it didn’t disappoint. I went late on in the afternoon, as advice passed on to me is that it gets packed and very busy.thisplace isn’t like any other restaurants, as each person enters gets a ticket ( which you can’t lose) and then queue. Each line is for a different part of the meal ( dessert, drink, sandwich…).






As you can see the sandwiches are full to the brim, I could really of shared it!

Just a few doors down, another deli called Russ &Daughters. An old style deli specialised in smoked and pickled fish. I popped into here as I was told the bagels were amazing and being in New York I had try atleast one.
With so many different smoked salmons to choose, the owners allowed me to sample a few before my final decision. All were good but I choose the oaked smoked salmon.







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