Staten Island Ferry

If you want to get a close view of the Statue of Liberty without the price tag, then the best option is to hop on the Staten Island Ferry. It is a 30 minute ferry from Battery Park (South of Manhattan), leaving every 30 minutes – hour, depending on time of day. It’s best to take it in the morning or it gets rather busy. I took a ferry there and the same one back, I just had to hop off and pass the entry gates again. You can stay around on Staten Island aswell!



From the ferry you can see the stunning New York skyline, Statue of Liberty, Governers Island and Ellis Island.





The Statue of Liberty was built between 1874-1884 by F.A. Bartholdi to depict “Liberty throwing off her shackles and holding a beacon “. You can reach Liberty Island and access the crown via the 354 steps – but be prepared for queues!


Ellis Island is opposite Liberty Island, it is the point that 12 million immigrants reached the USA. It has a museum on the Island, in honour of the history of the immigrants as well as a registry room of the names of the people who arrived.
Governors Island can be explored by foot or bike. It is a historic park with village greens and colonial architecture.



One thought on “Staten Island Ferry

  1. You forgot to mention to bring your running shoes when you exit the ferry and have to go all the way around the barriers before the ferry leaves. I’m sure the ferry doesn’t leave as promptly in the morning. Great post, it makes me miss my trip to New York City.

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