High Line, New York City

With the temperatures rising to mid 30 oC in New York City,the best thing to do is to get away from the crowds and traffic. Being a city it can be kind of hard to do that, with little green space around, but on the West side of NYC near Chelsea and TriBeCa runs a narrow park about a mile long which is elevated above all the roads below. It’s called the High Line.


This greenway is an old railroad which has been transformed for people to walk along. Down the side runs trees and plants as well as benches and sun beds to sit on and people watch or chill. In peak time during the summer up to 80,000 people passing through on an average weekend.








With most things in America, food is never too far away. On the High Line, there is a small number of pop up cafés about half way along, if the need for a break is necessary. Due to the weather I choose an ice cream to cool off, from Melt Bakery‘s . A delicious red velvet cake sandwich between refreshing cream cheese ice cream. I could have easily managed another one- a must to try if you are ever in the area!



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