Tuna tartare

Being surrounded by a lot of water in the Hamptons it is not surprising that the fish can be so fresh and readily available. Atleast once a week I buy fresh tuna from Serene Green and cook it on the BBQ or even better serve it raw!With good quality products I believe that you shouldn’t mess around with them too much- just enjoy the true flavour.


I came across a basic recipe for an Asian twist on tuna tartare combine soy sauce and sesame oil, with not much else and the results were amazing! With this simple marinade I have been serving tuna as canapés, starters, lunches…every meal of the day ( except breakfast!!)


Equal amount of soy sauce and sesame oil
Fresh tuna


Dice the tuna into even sized pieces


In a separate bowl mix equal amounts of sesame oil and soy sauce- usually I start with 30ml of each

Add the diced tuna and leave to marinade for about 15 minutes

Scoop out the tuna, garnish with sesame seeds and serve. Discard the marinade

I like to serve with simply alongside guacamole for a starter or if a canape on a Asian rice cracker with diced avocado.


For more of a complete meal, add the guacamole and tuna to a tortilla (either soft or crisp shell). I like to finish it off with a sriacha mayonnaise ( simply mixing mayonnaise with sriacha sauce- to taste) and fresh coriander.



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