Tate’s bake house

If ever visiting the Hamptons, one bit of advice, never drive on the main direct roads- these are always packed with cars often in traffic jams. Best thing to do is to get a sat nav and take any side route. There is always an empty road, often running parallel to the main route, so taking half the time to drive.

The reason I mention this as this was one of the first pieces of advice I was given. Which is what I followed from day one, and helped me find this shop ‘Tate’s bake house’.

Tate’s cookies are very popular in the Hamptons, sold in many shops. But the hub of the franchise is in Southampton just off the high street. Here coffee, cakes, frozen desserts, pies and the famous cookies are sold.







Over the 2 1/2 months of living in the Hamptons I have made a good dent in tasting most of the flavours. So whilst visiting the bake house I picked up my favourite flavour. I was supposed to save them for the UK…but sorry might of had one or two already! Was just taking @tatesbakehouse advice

tates cookies + Ben and Jerry’s = cookie bliss




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