Lt burger, Sag Harbor

In the Hamptons there are few ‘budget’ restaurants that you can visit- as you can probably guess…. It is the Hamptons after all!!! So nestled in between the, one too many liquor stores, toy shops and designer clothes shops is a well known American burger joint – Lt burger. Found in Sag Harbor, as well as in New York City.


The joint has a classic diner feel-metal chairs, orange and white colour theme..even a juke box in the corner. A rather chilled feel-perfect for a relaxing afternoon.


Luckily I was in no rush to leave, as the service was rather slow. But I ordered the classic burger – which was cooked to perfection. The moist meat burger wasn’t too dry-which I thought, as they mentioned cooking it to atleast a medium. This was paired with some onions and pickles, which added a nice kick to the charred burger. Finally the sesame bun, which was slightly toasted to give a crisp bite, but still soft inside.


Only downfall-I didn’t order the Oreo milkshake which I have been told is worth a second visit!


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