Courgetti salad

You have probably heard of the word courgetti being used by many people nowadays. If not- it’s the new food phase where courgettes are used and turned into spaghetti- like strands and used as an alternative for pasta. In the UK I haven’t tried it as you really need a spriulizer , which I have now been lucky enough to purchase in the Hamptons.

Courgetti is a great gluten free pasta option or just a healthier and lighter option for pasta. You can keep the courgettes raw, or very briefly cook them- but don’t over cook or they will become rather soggy!


2 tbsp pine nuts
Pinch of salt
250g fresh basil leaves
50g Parmesan, grated
300ml extra virgin olive oil

2 courgettes
Handful of cherry tomatoes
Burrata cheese


Begin by making the pesto: gently toast the pine nuts in a frying pan, then add to a blender to blitz. Add the pinch of salt and Parmesan then mix and combine. Finally add the basil leaves along with some of the olive oil and blend. Once a puree has formed add the rest of the oil gradually to achieve the correct consistency. Once finished leave to one side to finish the rest of the salad.

Using the courgettes and a spiral vegetable slicer make the courgetti. Toss with the pesto and arrange with the cherry tomatoes and burrata cheese, then serve.



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