Barbecue scallop skewers

Scallops are unlike most seafood. The mild,sweet flavour make these small morsels a true luxury, I must admit that hand dived scallops are the best, but in the summer, scallops can are only really available when dredged off the Atlantic Coast.

Just around the corner, Serene Green( a farmer shop) sells daily caught fish from the Atlantic. And with daily loads fresh scallops the barbecue was calling!

On the barbecue, the scallops should be cooked quickly on a high heat. The heat sear the scallops to create a golden crust which is a true contrast to the almost raw flesh. It should take 2–3 minutes each side, nothing more. There are many delicious combinations to pair with scallops from the classic pancetta and pea. I choose a Thai marinade with lime, coriander, ginger, chilli flavouring the scallops


Lime zest and juice
Soy sauce
Olive oil


Roughly chop all the ingredients (except the scallops) and toss together. The amount varies on preference and number of scallops-so really your own judgement. Leave to marinade the scallops for about an hour- no more as the acidic juice will start to cook the scallops. Skewer the scallops- about 4/ skewer.


Heat the barbecue to a high heat and place the skewers on the grill. Leave for 2 minutes/ side then remove and serve.



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