Camden food market

Ever tried visiting Camden market on a weekend?…actually to be honest any tourist spot in London on a weekend? If you have you will understand the mound of tourist that swamp the site- making it rather impossible to actually move or even see anything.

For this reason, on days off during the week I can’t help myself from becoming immersed in Camden varied markets stalls- without the millions of people. With the amazing street food that London has to offer, I regularly visit the food stalls in Camden, to see what it has to offer. With the regular local hot spots to the new ones that have emerged, every cuisine has been covered.



Mama jerk station  brings Caribbean street food to London. I don’t think I have ever visited Camden without this stall being here. The jerk chicken is a favourite of mine. I must admit I have tried to find out the secret to the BBQ jerk sauce…but no hope (yet!)

imageCupcakes from Estelle is a little store found on the side of the hub of stalls.  Every cake is perfectly decorated-which to the passer by make look like every other cupcake seen in shops nowadays. But one bite…and you can tell the difference. The intense rich flavour is packed with moisture to keep you wanting more!


Cupcakes and shhht creates one of the best tablet fudge I have tasted. Slabs of this come in 6 different flavours, I have only succeeded in tasting 3 so far…still need to keep going.
imageFinally the one that is hitting Camden by storm..even when the weather in London can be a bit  grotty. Chin chin labs is an ice cream parlour with a difference. Liquid nitrogen is poured into the ice cream base where it is frozen more or less instantly creating a smooth, melt in your mouth ice cream.


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